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Holistic Allergy Relief

The outdoors in St Louis is so lush, green and gorgeous!  Which means allergies in St Louis are as common as Cardinal fans are!

But many people have had allergies since they were young or have developed them over time - and can’t enjoy the beauty.  Allergies are not something you have to live with anymore!  Learn how our holistic Allergy Relief & Reprogram program, DE-ALLERGIZE, determines to root of your allergy or sensitivity which naturally leads us to what’s needed to correct it.


            and when it doesn’t, you don’t!

7 Allergy Relief Tips

Our methods include oriental medicine, neurology, naturopathy, chiropractic and wellness.

Oriental medicine:  A body in balance, has very few symptoms.

Neurology:  The brain and nerves control the health of your body.

Naturopathy: The body is a self-healing organism.  We need to supply what’s needed and rid the body of those toxins keeping it from health--- to alleviate symptoms naturally.

Chiropractic: When the 3 types of stress (physical, chemical & mental) overload our body, a short circuit occurs in our brain & nerve systems.  We correct these.

Wellness: We want to identify what type of stress caused the nerve overload or nerve damage and show you ways to stop recreating it.

Traditional ways of dealing with allergies: medications, shots, staying away from allergens or just suffering through them--- can help some symptoms, but will never cure them, and in some cases, cause worse problems than the symptoms we’re trying to help!

Dr. Javed Sheikh - full time faculty at Harvard Medical School and director of the allergy clinic reports that the following side effects can occur with many allergy medications:

  1. 1.increased appetite

  2. 2.Anxiety & heart palpitations

  3. 3.Loose “taste” sense

  4. 4.Infertility & sjogren’s disease: lost mucus membrane

  5. 5.Insomnia

  6. 6.Lower libido

  7. 7.Lost ability to focus

  8. 8.Depression

  9. 9.Stunted Growth in kids

  10. 10.Predisposition to Diabetes, Osteoporosis & Cataracts

What causes an allergy?   It’s a damaged immune response which causes it to be hyper sensitive.  Then, exposure to an allergen can cause White Blood Cells to produce IgE antibodies that attach to Mast Cells in the respiratory, digestive and skin systems.  Histamine is relased from the mast cells to produce the runny nose, watery eyes, skin rashes, vomiting, diarrhea and sneezing symptoms we call allergies. 

This Immune Response was most likely previously activated by:

  1. 1.A Weakened Digestive System

  2. 2.A Clogged Detoxifying System

  3. 3.An exhausted Adrenal Stress Response

  4. 4.or Imbalanced Hormones

Correcting the cause of your allergy symptoms MUST involve correcting these.  This can be done holistically and is often life changing for many people.

We conduct a holistic, no-needle allergy exam to determine if this could work for you.  We test the brain and nerve pathways to the key body systems, conduct a metabolic questionnaire, and conduct a body scan of the acupuncture meridians.  This also acts as a scientific baseline to determine how long it will take, and monitor improvement.

Personalized Plans: After we have the results from your exam, we personalize a plan just for you which may include:

  1. 1.Homeopathics & specific supplements

  2. 2.Diet Modifications

  3. 3.Treatments to cranial and spinal nerves that supply the autonomic and lymph systems

  4. 4.No needle acupuncture meridian therapy

  5. 5.Support to the adrenal stress system

  6. 6.Increase your natural detoxification system

We monitor you closely and course correct when needed to ensure this is a success for you. 

Allergies run in families!  If one parent has allergies, there is at least a 33% chance that the children will have them.  If both parents have them, there is at least a 67% chance the children will inherit the allergy problem.  De-Allergize helps you and your family NOT BE  VICTIM to your genes anymore.

7 Holistic Allergy Relief tips: Do these today!

  1. 1.Reduce amount of sugar consumed

  2. 2.Take enzymes & probiotics

  3. 3.Drink electrolyte infused water- by adding grapes, lemon or lime, or cucumbers- to it.  Never drink liquids while your eating, and wait at least 30 minutes after meals to drink.

  4. 4.Reduce the amount of coffee, black & green tea you consume, and instead drink peppermint tea.

  5. 5.Get 8-9 hours of sleep a night- or as often as you can.

  6. 6.Wash daily!  Hair, hands, body.  Also, wash your pets more often.

  7. 7.Increase your good fats & omega 3 fats.  These are anti-inflammatory.

De-Allergize is our product that reprograms and energizes your body in responding in the nerve, digestive, respiratory, adrenal and hormone systems. 

Initial Allergy Exam: $265


  1. 1.EMG & Thermal Nerve Scan of allergy involved organs

  2. 2.Acugraph Meridian body scan: Where is your body’s energy going & how fast can you heal?

  3. 3.Posture Analysis: posture is a window into your brain and spinal cord health

  4. 4.Metabolic Assessment: We categorize symptoms into organ systems

  5. 5.Neurologic physical exam: how are muscles, nerves, lymph and organs being affected?

  6. 6.Doctor’s Report: This is visit #2 and is included in the price of $265

We may request additional testing based upon the results of the Allergy exam.  This may be an X-ray or a Saliva Hormone test.

Do you take insurance?  We are out of network so we give you superbills with all the codes necessary for reimbursement for insurance benefits and health savings benefits.  We also offer in-house financing with a monthly auto-debit system to make it affordable to most everyone.  We accept cash, check, Visa or Mastercard.

What happens in the treatment?  Each lasts about 25 minutes and is $80 each but we offer package discounts also.  You first get a mini massage which prepares your fascia system for an update.  Then the doctor corrects the nerve damage with a variety of soft touch approaches.  Next, you’ll relax on a roller bed for 5-7 minutes which sets the treatment.  You may want to go right into an ion foot detox session following your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?  Based on your exam results, we’ll give you a personalized program that includes spinal and cranial nerve correction, no needle acu-laser meridian therapy, detoxification cleansing, adrenal support, dietary & supplement recommendations and wellness lifestyle support.

Mild or moderate allergies: Between 12-36 visits usually. 

Severe or chronic allergies: Between 36-48 visits usually

Dr. Carrie Jardine
Holistic Healthcare Center

“It’s what we think we know that just isn’t so that keeps us stuck where we’re at!” 
                                                                        Dr. Carrie Jardine

Dr. Carrie Jardine

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DE-Allergize stops symptoms:  Why can’t a pill fix allergies long term?

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